Icône player

The frame of the advertisements

The Stampyt photo and 360-degree player is directly integrated on your dealership's e-commerce site.

This powerful tool showcases a product with high- definition photos and a 360-degree (exterior and interior) visit of the vehicle featured when landing on the ad.

Accelerate publication

Publishing photos and 360-degree formats on a website is instantaneous with the Stampyt player.

Accelerate content delivery and display vehicles on your website to quickly capture the potential client. Boosting the sales process enables better stock rotation of your used cars.

Photo de véhicule en 360°

High quality

The Stampyt player display offers very qualitative publication of photos and 360-degree formats.

Photos are barely compressed to deliver the internet user an excellent realistic vision of the product. The player’s mechanism optimises the image quality and display speed performance to offer extremely efficient, comfortable browsing. It is also a huge asset for the natural referencing of your website based partly on the loading time of your pages.

Qualitative photos
Photos de véhicules très qualitatives
Quick display
Affichage rapide de la photo 360°
Swift browsing
Navigation rapide de la photo 360°

Simple and universal

The roll-out and installation of the Stampyt player on an existing e-commerce site is easy and quick.

This player is universal, it manages and displays all media whatever the original format of the device. Whether it is for photos or 360-degree videos, all extensions are supported to facilitate the integration of all your content. We optimise and compress all types of media, coming from any source of visual material.

Create and publish

After taking photos and 360-degree videos of the car's exterior and interior , it only takes one click to publish your content directly on the web!

Transmitting, managing and broadcasting advertisements is entirely automated. Thanks to the Stampyt player, the used car seller optimises their time with the content “autopilot” mode.

En un clic

Taking a close look at the product

The realistic,high definition images enhance the product in all its detail.

The internet user can have an accurate idea of the quality and finish of the featured vehicle. As a matter of transparency vis-a-vis the automobile consumer, points of interest (hotspots) can automatically display a rewarding detail or even the defects of the vehicle. The last click leading to the act of purchase can be done with confidence!

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