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Open universal technologies

The solutions used by Stampyt have been designed for interfacing with the different types of languages, platforms or applications currently used by your company.

Our vision is to work with dedicated and universal API solutions in order to easily adapt to your technical environment (and not the opposite).

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Flexibility and power

The most interesting aspect of our API lies in their potential to shape a tailor-made solution based on your structure’s needs.

An API is a specialised brick designed to carry out complex tasks easily. We can size and configure these bricks to precisely meet your issues; therein lies the power of such a structure.

Easy set-up and connection

Our solutions don’t need any development on your side. Our technologies adapt and connect easily to your tools.

The set-up is easy and quick, even for a large-scale roll-out with numerous sites to be equipped simultaneously. We manage the entire set-up for more facility and freedom so that your team experiences no constraints.

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Comprehensive detailed documentation

In order to make our solutions more flexible and transparent, all our documentation is available online (on request).

You will be given access to this information so as to understand and be reassured regarding the various technical elements of our solutions.

Documentation en ligne

A standardised format

Thanks to open technologies, you will maintain control over formats that are familiar and universal.

Standardised formats allow you to trust these solutions under all circumstances.

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