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Embellish each vehicle thanks to automatic clipping.

Stampyt’s deep learning technology can “cut out” a vehicle from the original background to insert it in a standardised and personalised environment. The clipped vehicle becomes more identifiable and boasts greater power of attraction on online advertising websites. Extremely simple and qualitative.

Grab the client’s attention

The automatic clipping allows you to create a visual that better captures viewer attention on online advertising websites.

It is like an “advertising poster” that attractsclicks and increases opportunities to sell. It is a showcase for your ad, the first step to a sale. Your team will no longer have to move vehicles to have a clipped vehicle, in a environment favourable to a sale.

Make the vehicle an advertising poster
Affiche publicitaire de VO
Generate more clicks
Plus de clics sur les annonces de VO
Increase sales
Plus de ventes sur internet de VO

Enhancing the image

Enhance each vehicle by taking away the original background to focus attention on the product by making it the "star".

A background created specifically for your brand will be added behind the clipped car to personalise the setting. A final visual, like an advertisement, will add value to the product with a unique attractive presentation.

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Autonomous technology

Our software makes it possible to automatically process a high volume of exceptionally qualitative photos daily.

In addition to autonomous solutions, we attach great importance to verifying each clipping with our smart machines as well as with our team of photo experts to manually verify the final quality.

Outils autonome de gestion de photos de VO

Automatic visual

Our solutions are fully automated to carry out the clipping process in complete autonomy in less than 3 hours.

No need to be a graphic designer to touch up your pictures! Keep on shooting your photos as usual, you will find they are touched up directly on your DMS and on your final online ad.

- than 2 hr
to automatically clip your photo
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A used car as good as new

The attention given to the presentation of the vehicle gives it new life in the eyes of the internet user.

The simple sober setting enhances the product and makes it look like a new vehicle. The image as seen by the client is qualitative and stimulates their interest in contacting a professional to buy a used car.

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