Icône plaque d'immatriculation

Down to the finest detail

The Stampyt licence plate cover-up automatically conceals the original licence plate of the vehicle.

It is replaced with a digital, but ultra-realistic, visual of the logo of your dealership, corporate group or brand. Because each detail matters, drive perfection and automation of photo processing to its maximum. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, no licence plate will be visible in your advertisements.

Optimise all the way

No more need to create licence plates that your team have to place on each vehicle.

The Stampyt software will automatically add a licence plate customised to your image onto the original licence plate. This additional timesaver also bolsters the daily photo processes to make them more time effective.

Communicate constantly

More than a licence plate cover-up, it really boosts the brand presence and reinforces the impact of your brand on each vehicle.

Make the most of this space to use each photo of your used car adverts to communicate. Proudly display your logo, and also use the warranty period or your slogan to communicate on another level.

Intelligent software

Our licence plate cover-up know-how is unique.

It can be explained by our use of machine learning technology, an artificial intelligence capable of detecting licence plates regardless of the position or type of the vehicle photographed . The software then applies the brand’s mask instantly over the plate.

Plusieurs véhicules avec cache-plaque

One less step for the seller

Automatically covering up the licence plate allows the seller to save even more valuable time.

No more need to protect or cover each licence plate. The Stampyt software gives more time to your colleagues who shoot photos. Eliminating time-consuming tasksalso conveys an always enjoyable taste of freedom that eases the process.

Femme avec smartphone Point jaune Trait gris Cache-plaque Stampyt No more need to blur licence plates!

The icing on the cake

This is how we consider this feature, the ultimate detail ensuring the excellency and care in taking vehicle photos.

The automatic licence plate cover-up magnifies the professional and qualitative aspect. Let us not forget that internet users are always looking for a better automotive partner to make this important purchasein complete confidence.

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