Icône connexion

Connect your working tools

Our vision is to offer solutions fully connected directly to your stock management system.

By interconnecting the tools, you improve comfort and increase productivity. Eliminating tasks that can be automated thanks to computerised transmissionwill quickly become a habit that will make you forget sending photos manually.

To immediacy

Another key point of a connected approach is to take advantage of the power of the Internet.

We can now easily manage photo traffic in real time. Taking, sending and transferring photos to your Dealer Management System is now simply instantaneous ! Because reducing the time spent from the arrival of a used car in your stock to the final sale is also a major economic issue.

Flux de photos instantané

Mobile working

Make use of a powerful tool that has become universal over the last few years: the smartphone!

This last-generation phone offers plenty of advantages. Besides fitting in our pockets, the smartphone offers outstanding user comfort for your co-workers. Its mobility makes it available and operational at any time thanks to the Stampyt mobile app.

Intelligence to boot

The smartphone is an interactive, and especially intelligent, mobile tool. The app guides you throughout the photo process.

Even if you are cut off by a call during your shooting, you will be automatically redirected to the same point to continue your shooting. The connected app is intelligent, it analyses and learns from its errors to adjust its operation in order to meet the user’s needs.

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