Icône technologie humaine

Human, our best technology

At Stampyt, we thrive on innovation and advanced technologies.

We are convinced that without human beings, technology is worth nothing!
Our technological vision is possible only with human support. Contact with Stampyt’s users and clients is key and a topic which we especially focus on. Our team is always available, even remotely, to meet your needs.

Photo d'une livraison de véhicule d'occasion

A dedicated Project Manager

For each brand, corporate group or car dealership, a project manager works beside your team and users for an excellent,, effective roll-out.

This dedicated person listens to your needs and supports you throughout the roll-out as well as in your daily work whenever you need advice or have technical questions.

Chef d'équipe Stampyt

Training before action

Once the set-up is done, the Stampyt Project Manager trains your teams remotely by telephone using screen sharing, or on site upon request.

Training helps your co-workers to understand the issues of the photo solutions used and thereby become operational right away. The initial training is essential for a successful roll-out of new photo technologies. We bring a change to dealerships but we support this change.

Field follow-up

Our team is committed to listening to needs in the field.

It is our users who help build Stampyt products thanks to their feedback. Everything is taken into account: their advice allows us to continuously adapt our solutions to the needs of sellers in the field. We know all our users, they are contacted one by one a few weeks following training to get their feedback.

Appel téléphonique à Stampyt

A proactive client service

Our alert system, embeded in our solutions, warns us as soon as something unusual happens in your photo management and publication system.

Our team contacts you as soon as they are aware of the alert to warn you and take prompt corrective action.

Flexible remote support

Working with computerised solutions allows us to intervene remotely and instantaneously.

A Customer Service Manager helps you by phone or email to identify malfunctions and guide the technical teams in their salvage work. This proactive after-sales attitude makes it possible to resolve issues in the field at no extra cost.

Logiciel Stampyt

From a remote support to physical contact

Even if dematerialisation is a major feature in the technologies we create for the automotive sector, we can also intervene on-site.

In order to work even more closely with your team, to see, feel and precisely analyse the situation in order to provide you with the best everytime.

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