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Secure environment

To ensure an excellent level of security we use secure data exchange protocols with our API.

All technical areas concerning us thus remain entirely secure.

Technologie sécurisée

Don’t change anything

No need to have technical resources to maintain or monitor flow or photo management technologies.

Stampyt fully oversees and manages those activities independently and transparently. We permanently maintain our services, from the creation to the management and the storage of all your photos on our servers.

Secure environment

Security is an essential matter in any new technology set-up.

In the interest of stabilising our service,we established a comprehensive authentication system with AND between our APIs. This way there will be no unpleasant surprises. Prevention is better than cure!

Cloud sécurisé

Back up every element

Our backups are regular and automatic.

The objective of these repeated backups is to avoid any photo loss, even in the event of human error. If you wish, a double backup on your servers is possible.

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