Icône cœur

The human element

Stampyt's organisation is human-oriented.

As an individual each employee contributes to Stampyt through their own personality and attitude. The human element is our number one value, it is simply at the heart of everything!

Equipe Stampyt


A motor is essential to thrive on a daily basis.

Pleasure is the best engine, it gives meaning to involvement. Fun turns "work days" into happy, positive moments.

Etre heureux au travail


It is very important to be faithful to one's word and initial commitments.

Aiming for perfection offers the best condition for satisfying your clients and your team.

Travail parfait


A motor is essential to thrive on a daily basis.

Let us be proud and responsible, with the sense of honour from keeping the values and principles that make us what we are in all circumstances.


Being passionate about our business allows us to listen to our clients and users.

Consequently, we better understand their problems and can bring them solutions that correspond to their needs and expectations.

Passion du travail


Let's be respectful of each other.

Let us leave judgement aside in favour of listening and understanding. Respect is the shortest route to answers and solutions that are best suited to each situation.

Le respect de l'autre


You have to dare, to try and to take risks!

Courage allows you to move forward and achieve incredible things. Pushing your limits and leaving your comfort zone allows you to advance and learn. And above all to push the envelope of innovation.


Talking about yourself without pride is essential.

It is the group and the team that prevails over the individual. Humility allows us to question ourselves, to turn more towards others in order to create a positive altruistic atmosphere within a group.

Etre modeste


Everyone must be exemplary and set an example every day for the sake of others.

It is this exemplarity that drives each employee to give the best of themselves.

Etre un exemple


Anchored in solid foundations, the family is a very important Stampyt value.

A family is united in all circumstances, it remains united in difficult times and celebrates every victory together.